Bocskai Strand- és Gyógyfürdő

Hajdúböszörményi Termálkemping és Apartman

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The Bocskai Thermal Bath opened its gates in 2007, and awaits the guests who seek relaxation and healing on a 1000 m2 area.

  • 2 thermal pools: 32-34 °C & 36-38 °C
  • Hot thermal pool: 38-40 °C
  • Physiotherapy pool: 33-34 °C
  • Sauna dipping pool: 14-18 °C drinking water

Sauna and steam is available for those who seek body and mind renewal. An outdoor thermal pool belongs to the thermal bath also (36-38 °C).

Near the Thermal bath a seasonally operated indoor swimming pool can be found, which meets the needs of our time. The stretched water surface swimming pool is excellently suitable for organising competitions, the doctrine pool offers the opportunity of learning swimming.

  • Swimming pool: 26-27 °C
  • Doctrine pool: 29 °C


Water components 

Potassium: 7,6 mg
Sodium: 1260,0 mg
Ammonium: 4,6 mg
Calcium: 31,4 mg
Magnesium: 6,1 mg
Iron:  0,03 mg
Manganese:  0,03 mg
Lithium:  0,15 mg
Chloride:  1357,0 mg
Bromide:  0,54 mg
Iodide:  1,0 mg
 Fluoride:  0,9 mg
Sulfate:  15,0 mg
Hydrogene carbonate:  1530,0 mg
Sulfide:  <0,10 mg
 Phosphate:  0,18 mg
Metaboric acid:  100,0 mg
Sulfuric acid:  60,0 mg
Silicic acid:  48,0 mg

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